Blogs & Blogging!

Web & Moore can help you with your Blog! Whether you are an individual that wants to get the word out and express yourself, or a business keeping up-to-date with their customers, we can help!

Blogging has really picked up popularity in today’s online world. Not only has it become the “in” thing to do, but it has been effective for individuals to voice their opinion and for companies to keep their customers and potential customers updated with information. This information could be general tips and tricks to special promotions. In addition to keeping in touch with readers/customers, search engines love blogs because they are constantly being updated with new information and fresh content. Blogs bring fresh content to the website, which means a higher search engine ranking, then that leads to more leads and potential customers, and finally more money. In short, a blog can increase your website’s traffic and thus your company’s profit.



Why is blogging important for my business?

“People buy into you before they buy from you.”

In other words, if you have done a good job building trust and authority in your industry, people will buy from you. If you demonstrate through your blog articles that you’re an authority in your particular industry, you’ll prove that you know what you’re talking about. Furthermore, your readers can respond to your articles by posting responses, asking questions, or otherwise engaging with you online. The more you have these types of online conversations and respond to people’s questions, the more others will get involved in your content. When you write great articles, readers will reference your articles in their posts and link back to it. So great blog content generates great incoming links. As a result, this brings more traffic to your site, and hopefully more business!

So how can Web & Moore help me with MY Blog?

Well, we have a couple different options as far as software and style goes, so contact us to figure out the best solution for you. On top of that, we offer two packages depending on your needs. We can maintain and update the blog for you, or we can give you access to log in and maintain/update it yourself. Again, please call us for more information so we can get you started with your blog!




Web & Moore can also handle your forum needs. Forums are also known as Message Boards and are for internet users to communicate with each other on a variety of subjects, from cars, to pets, to technical business how-to’s, a forum is a great tool to stay in touch. For more information, give us a call to discuss forums with you!