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If you are looking for a Search Engine Optimization company that delivers superior results, with extensive experience and a deep understanding of the most current and best practices and SEO strategies? You have found the right place…

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the process of developing or revising website content, structure, and technology to maximize search engine ranking for target keywords and phrases.  At the heart of each search engine company is a well-guarded secret formula used to analyze and rank online content based on its relevance, as well as the quality and number of links related to the searcher’s query. SEO techniques involve developing or revising the site code, structure, and content to maximize ranking.

The Truth…

Google provides guidelines on what they’re looking for in a website. We spend a lot of time and effort researching and working within those guidelines to give your site the most optimized SEO we can to help increase your authority with Google. Doing SEO with precision and within the rules leads to better traffic and more stable and long lasting search rankings.

We can’t guarantee you overnight SEO results. Anyone that tells you otherwise is blowing smoke and will likely lead to Google penalizing your website. Well-designed SEO campaigns take time to be effective, but the results can be truly amazing. All of our clients (whether they started from scratch with us, or had a website re-done by us) are top ranked in their  keywords. We will get your website ranked in its targeted keywords.




Properly Done SEO…

Although the theory of SEO is rather simple, implementing it properly isn’t. SEO isn’t just about getting good rankings in search engine results, it’s about getting quality visitors to your website. By “quality” we mean visitors who actually become customers. For example, would you prefer to have 10,000 visitors a month but rarely any of them become customers, or would you prefer to have 1,000 visitors who end up doing business with you? SEO isn’t all about traffic, it’s about high-quality traffic that converts.

We cannot count the times that companies have come to us saying, “My website isn’t being found online!” We run our detailed analysis on the website, which measures and grade all of its SEO components and most of the time, we find several problems. However, the biggest problem we come across are the targeted keywords. For example, if you are a car repair facility in Chesterfield, Michigan, and your keywords are general, like “car repair”, you will NOT be found no matter how good the rest of your SEO component’s score. You need to be targeting not only the description of your business, but also the location. When we take over this website and start targeting the company’s SEO to keywords like “car repair chesterfield michigan”, they are found. Not only are they found, but with our state of the art SEO campaign, they are found on the FIRST page in the search results.

Why do I need SEO?

How are your customers currently finding you online? If this answer is “I don’t know” or“I’m not sure”, your website is probably more like a business card. If you give someone the address, they can find it but that’s the only way. Search engine optimization is a critical component of online marketing. Whether you’re getting traffic today or not, a well-designed SEO campaign can help your business grow.


The Web & Moore Difference

Organic search works the best when it is factored into a website’s design from the ground up. In other words, website developers who truly understand SEO properly incorporate those principles into every website design they do. At Web & Moore, we begin with an very detailed analysis of your marketing goals and target customers. Armed with this information, we develop a unique strategy to specifically meet the needs of your business. If you need help improving your websites search engine ranking, call us today. And if you choose to have your website designed and developed by us, you can be confident that it will come with the best possible SEO package unique to your needs.


It is a lot to take in…

Search Engine Optimization is complicated and you may be overwhelmed by all of the information on this page. We could keep going on and on about SEO and the do’s and don’t’s but it would be a lot of reading and most would probably not be interested. However, we have attached a PDF of SOME of the SEO components we include in our campaigns. This PDF will list the components as well as a short definition and explanation about why it is important. Of course our campaigns go way beyond that sheet of paper, but its a start if you are looking for more information. We also think Link Building and Keyword Targeting are very important aspects of SEO, so if you would like to read more on that, you can subscribe to our blog as we will soon be discussing these topics. Until then, feel free to call us with any questions. We are more than willing to talk to you about this very IMPORTANT aspect of the website development and internet marketing MUST HAVE.