Website Maintenance Package

We will help you keep your website secure, backed up, and up-to-date. Not only that, we will take care of all your updates. If you want to change some content, add some pictures, run a promotion, or anything else, our maintenance packages include all of that. We don’t put “time limits” on our work. Some companies say you get “2 hours per month” of maintenance, but here at Web & Moore, we don’t have limits. Web & Moore also makes sure your website stays up-to-date visually. We will go in and “freshen” things up to make sure your website maintains the most professional appealing look.

Our maintenance package also includes making sure your website is constantly up to date with the constant changing search engine optimization.  The world of Google is always changing their algorithms.  Web & Moore makes sure that when things change with search engines, things change with your website. So we are always hard at work, keeping your search engine optimization as optimal as possible. If Google’s rules change, then we will go in and apply the solution to your website so you can always be on top.

To sum it up, we have a couple different monthly maintenance packages that we offer for our websites. We will help you find the correct maintenance package for your needs. So don’t stress out about your website. Web & Moore will take care of all of it, and make sure that your website will always be at 100%. No website will be left in the dark. We treat each website better than our own. You can have a piece of mind and leave your website in our hands so you can go and concentrate on your business and customers.

Maintenance includes: back ups, analytics reports, content updates, uploads and changes, up-to-date SEO changes, troubleshooting any problems, constant communication between us and you, and much more.


Why do I need Web & Moore to maintain my website?

1)  If your website isn’t well-maintained then people will stop coming, search engines will start de-ranking it, and worse of all, security issues could arise causing a big mess! Fewer visitors equal fewer potential sales, which means less money, which leads to… problems. On an off chance that things do go wrong,, there is nothing more comforting than knowing that Web & Moore is available 24/7 to fix things up and will not stop until its done. Web & Moore will provide you with that peace of mind by regularly maintaining and performing additions and upgrades to your website so you can have one less thing to worry about. Web & Moore wants you to know that your site is well-maintained and your website’s visitors are protected.

2)  Search engines constantly look for new content. If you aren’t updating your page with new information, articles, images, or promotions on a regular basis, users won’t return. Web & Moore can help you update the content on your website to increase visibility to both readers and search engines. Remember more visitors means more potential sales and a better business!

3)  Everyone knows that the internet is not always safe and bad things happen, but there are ways that security breaches can be prevented. Web & Moore makes sure that we take the necessary steps to secure your website, which includes performing regular security scans of your website and keeping your website’s software up-to-date.