Custom Website Designs

Your website reflects your business…make sure its done right. Here at Web & Moore, we do not use “layouts” or the copied designs. All of our websites are custom built from the ground up. We will provide you with that perfect design that you have envisioned for your business.

Many web design companies offer to build your website for some ridiculously low price, but are you really getting the kind of site you need to successfully market your business online? You need to make sure that you give out the right impression the first time and every time someone visits your website.

Image is everything when it comes to your business website.  Your website needs to snag that person’s attention and keep them engaged because people typically make a design about a website within 3 to 5 seconds. Unfortunately, simply just having a website isn’t enough anymore. People want more than a basic page with basic information. They want to see your business reflected onto their screen. Here at Web & Moore, we will make sure your business is represented in the best way possible, and we guarantee that people will not want to hit that “back” button.



Web & Moore will work closely with you to provide your business the website it needs. Nobody knows your customers better than you do, so we need your input to help us create a high performance website.

All of our designs are custom made, specifically tailored to meet your business needs. We don’t just design websites… we create high-end business tools. We can help you decide what features and functions you’ll need to succeed. We will be in constant contact with you to hear your thoughts and ideas throughout the website design process to make sure we are giving you the best website possible, the one you want and need.

What you can expect from a Web & Moore design…

✦Clean & Modern Designs
✦Visually Appealing Representations of your Business
✦Fully Functional to you Specifications
✦A Variety of Features to Engage your Client
✦No Layouts! Your Website will be Unique!


Website Development – Going Above & Beyond

Here at Web & Moore, we don’t simply create a website for your business…we create a high-end business tool to propel your business to levels that you have never imagined. There is much more involved with web development than simply slapping up a pretty design and some descriptions of your business. Web & Moore does everything, from a beautiful, CUSTOM website design to full blown Internet Marketing. We do full content management as well as website maintenance so you don’t have to worry about a thing. You will get a monthly Analytics Report with detailed information on how your website is performing. We provide the hosting and help you get the perfect domain for your business and manage all of that “technical” stuff. We have a variety of features for the pages on your website. We also offer special services like photography for your business. Jump into the “smart phone era” and have a mobile website created so a customer can simply scan a QR code with their mobile device and be sent directly to an easy to access version of your site. Express yourself or keep your business connected with users via blogs. Excel your business into new levels with an eCommerce site and sell your products or services directly to the consumer. Web & Moore is here for all of your needs, so please call us for you web development consultation. Be sure to navigate through all of the buttons above, and take a good look at our website for much more information on each topic so you can see how Web & Moore can help get your business to the next level and leave your competitors in the dust!


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