“Loyalty isn’t something that’s manufactured; it comes only as a result of being a constant, dependable, and useful presence in the lives of consumers, from the initial awareness phase to conversion and retention. There aren’t any shortcuts when it comes to building and maintaining loyalty.” 

Web & Moore would like to say Thank You to all of our customers, from the most recent, to the ones that have been here with us from the very beginning. We look forward to many more years to come!



Gabriele J.

Aloha Therapy

It started out in September 2015 under very negative circumstances because there was a separation from my husband who had done my first website and did all my online work. So, I was basically a "basket case". I had read the reviews on Angie's list a year ago and decided for this company, but didn't go ahead with anything. I anticipated lots of work. When I was finally forced to do this because of circumstances, all I could do was contact Samantha and tell her my situation. She was very compassionate and nice. She sent me a contract with a price of which the technical details I didn't understand and do not to this day. I paid her half the money in advance and prayed it would work out fine. I didn't have any energy to even think about the site as I was grieving and dealing with other problems. So, I was happy when I didn't hear from her for several months. (I am sure she would have done it sooner if I had contacted her, but I was busy trying to deal with everything else, house, garden, repairs, business, emotions). When she sent me a design, it was just about the right time for me to be able to look at it and get myself going for this task. So, from then on we worked in stages of her presenting her work and me telling her if I liked it or what changes I wanted. And then in between were long stretches of me working on the test site given to me. It gave me confidence that I could work on my own website quite easily. The longer it went, with me doing pictures of our products, putting in the prices and descriptions, the more satisfied I was. My old website stayed in place and active during the work because it took from September 2015 to January 2016 to finish. She noted that I am a perfectionist and I was probably taking the longest time of all customers to complete this task. So, I agreed to pay her monthly hosting fees for her test site and was happy we always found a way to work together. In the end, I am truly HAPPY, THRILLED and SATISFIED (despite long hours of work, often until 2 am, as I had to do this after my normal business work) about this new site. My husband had come back in the meantime, because I worked not only on my website but also on our marriage, so there is a DOUBLE HAPPY ENDING in this story and review, yeah!!!! Samantha and Brian kept all their promises and worked with me and my ideas down to some very tiny details. I am really grateful for her work and how she does it.

Dan S.

Very well, very prompt, very professional, would recommend them to anyone needing a website or SEO. Their product knowledge depth was impressive!

Roy G.

The team at Web & Moore built our custom Chocolate website from the Ground up. They are exactly who we needed. They understood from the start the look and feel as well as the functionality after the first interview. We are very happy with their work and even moved all hosting over to their hands as well. We would suggest anyone in need to at the very least give them a call.

Kym Wilson

Sam has designed and maintained 4 of our websites. She keeps them up and running for us with exceptional service and care. Sam is Excellent!!! She is the most professional and wonderful web designer I have ever had the privilege to work with.

Gunter Connert

I started using the services of Web & Moore last year when Sam designed a website for my business which fit my budget. After the scope of my business changed this year I needed to update the website. Web & Moore did a great job listening to my expectations and explaining pros and cons of different ideas. From there on out it was just a matter of providing my business specific pictures and texts and Sam and her team picked up the ball and ran with it. They completely redesigned my website and added the functionalities and structure I wanted. My new website looks great and I am extremely satisfied with the whole process from consultation to delivery. Web & Moore will be my first choice for my next web project.

Dan Frederick

Samantha of Web & Moore created a new logo & WordPress website based on the content which we provided. We had several meetings first discussing the initial design and then working together to make sure the site would function as needed.  Sam was instrumental in pointing out what needed to be done in order to ensure the sites long term viability.  Instead of taking shortcuts she recommended the best technology that would last over the next several years.  She has recently relocated into new offices and has just hired another designer.  During the past few months she has been very busy in getting her business setup for the future.  In one of our meetings she mentioned that she had been taking more time than she would like in finding a designer to work with, but  that she is "Very Picky".  We have another website which we need to have upgraded and her new designer has experience using the technology which we will need, so I am glad that Sam is "Picky".  I would recommend working with Web & Moore to others and look forward to a long term relationship.

Edgar Lorenz

Web & Moore did our full web development, website hosting, SEO, and graphic design for our logo. Sam is a true professional.  I know she works 20 hours a day because she responds to my emails throughout the day and in the very early morning hours (1 am - 3 am). Her team is smart, and extremely knowledgeable and I have never had any problems with her work or service.

Cathy Cremin

Sam was very personable and easy to work with.  Her creativity and ideas were fresh and innovative. Everything went pretty smoothly.  Some of my emails requesting website edits didn't make it to her due to her Spam folder.  That was a little frustrating.  But all in all, we are happy with the results and would recommend Web & Moore.

Jennifer Petre

Web & Moore took our original website and totally made the whole thing new!!! Samantha listened to what we wanted and really understood our mission. That comes through when you see our page. It is full of Patriotic pride! Very impressed with the professionalism and pride that this group takes with their work. I would recommend them to everyone. Can't say enough positive things about Web & Moore!

Rochelle Swager

Exceptional!  Samantha was very easy to work with and did a fantastic job of building a brand new website for our business with calendar, postings and other extra features.  We were so happy with the services we have since utilize Samantha for monthly web services and have been very pleased with the results!  We would highly recommend Web & Moore!

T. Acuff

We have 2 businesses and needed 2 websites. They took the rough draft of content and created a highly professional and appropriate website around it. They are very responsive and responsible when asked to make changes. They maintain the site and are open to advise me on changes I am contemplating. They are the complete service provider for my website requirements!

Lisa A.

I love Web & Moore. Courteous, professional and friendly. What "moore" could you ask for! Highly recommend this company.

Jon Scheumann

I found Sam from Web & Moore because I was looking to update, and give my current website a facelift. I spoke with Sam, who is very knowledgeable, and creative with her designs. She was very easy to work with, and takes a lot of personal pride in her projects.

Sam took my site and totally transformed it into unique site; no longer a boiler plate design. She also created a product page where my customers can go and browse the products that I sell. The products pages, as well as the overall site has gotten "high praise" from my customers, and they said they find the site very friendly to navigate. Sam also has been doing monthly SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I was not ranking for any keywords, and I have been working with her for 7 months, and am now ranking on the first page for over a dozen keywords. Being found, and staying on that first page is what its all about. Thank you Sam!!!

Dennis Costa

Sam was great about listening to our needs for a new business website, implementing those needs, meeting our design requests and really hearing what we wanted while also pointing out factors we should consider down the road. She is very easy to talk to and a great listener. Everything was completed on or before the timeline she gave us and at the costs we agreed to. Could not be happier with how things turned out and would highly recommend Sam to anyone in need of website assistance.

Dawn Luks

I have friends in the web design business, but I wanted to go with a third party design firm because I'm very picky. I figured they would be able to give me pointers along the way. I looked at several web design company websites, and Web and Moore was highly rated, and I liked the designs found on their site. After an initial phone call with Samantha, I signed the appropriate paperwork, provided payment and then a few days later sent in photos, text and graphic files.

At first I was a bit concerned that Samantha was too busy to take on my project, as things got off to a slow start. However, after she began the process I learned what a great website designer she was, and it was worth the wait. My new website is everything I wanted and more -- gorgeous design, clean lines, easy to use.  I'm a perfectionist, and small details that others might not notice are important to me. Fortunately, this didn't faze Samantha, as she came through with creative well-thought out ideas, and her attention to detail was excellent. Very, very happy with the final result. I highly recommend Samantha and the Web and Moore staff.

Mary P.

South Lyon, MI Home Renovations

Sam and Brian sat down with us in person and provided in depth education of SEO services and taught us everything we needed to know in order to update our website on our own including updating our gallery. They were both GREAT, Responsive and very informative! Thank you!

Nora Aker

Web & Moore redesigned our business website. Sam was easy to work with and worked quickly to get our site up and going. We would definitely use her services again!

M. Ritter

Sam performs maintenance and changes to our website periodically. I submit a change, she gets back to me within hours usually, has recommendations/advice, then we go from there. It's a smooth process and produces great results. She is continually patient and will even explain how some behind the scenes stuff works so that I can gather a better understanding. She has helped out business out tremendously with the functionality of our new website and the ability to have it be mobile friendly as well. We would definitely recommend her work.

J. Desipio

Web & Moore made several updates to our website.  They continue to be a highly trusted vendor for our business.  Since we are in a somewhat well regulated industry, Web & Moore's ongoing support is both vital and necessary. Sam is very friendly and helpful.  She is also patient with us as we have many voices that need to be heard as we move from design or content idea to compliance overview to final production.  She offers us mock ups and other visual and operational data points so we can make the most informed decision.  We really appreciate having her in our corner!!

J. Spokis

I can't say enough about Sam and her crew at Web & Moore.  She designed a new website for my business.  It came out very professional looking and has helped with obtaining more work for my business.  She is very professional and worked very closely with me for what I was looking for.  Most importantly, after the site was up and running, google was resetting the website page, stating it was under construction.  I emailed Sam and within minutes she was on it.  She had to manually force the site on Google multiple times and then it finally took.  She had to do this process 20-30 times. (This was an error on Googles part, not anyone else).  Sam and her crew went over and above.  I am completely satisfied and would highly recommend her for all you website needs.

Chris V.

What Sam and her staff did for me in regards to the SEO of my website hottubrepairmichigan.com was beyond my expectations. We went from about 10 to 15 calls for service every week to about 5 to 6 calls everyday. Our sales increase has been way beyond what we were expecting in just a year and a half. It has done so much for us that we have decided to have her dedicate more SEO time towards another website that we own in hopes that we get even a fraction of the same results. We can't thank Sam enough for all that she's done for our business and would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is thinking about using her services.

Becky C.

Singing Angel Grams
Sam built my website and then took care of my domain name for me.  She is always awesome to work with.  Sam is always very good with communication.  She was always very helpful and her designs and prices were wonderful.  She is an extremely talented and dedicated young woman and I would recommend her highly to anyone need web design services.

Carlos Z.

Arena Sports Combat - Miami, FL
Excellent service and great pricing! I was lucky enough to have my call answered by Samantha. I was a little hesitant at first to use a distant-phone tech vs a local in-person tech but she was very pleasant and professional. They solved my problem which was driving me nuts in less than 30 minutes! They could have easily over-changed me but instead the price was very fair. This same issue could have cost me hundreds of dollars more and plenty of hours with someone else. I will definitely be using Web & Moore in the future!

Neil C.

Sam re-designed our existing website and was also very attentive to how we wanted things setup color-wise, tab-wise, etc. She was very accessible and communicated everything to use beforehand so that we understood what was going on at all times. She was also willing to work with us on different payment options which was huge for our cash flow. Before we transitioned to the new site she was also able to make some changes to our out-dated existing site for a very reasonable price. Everything went great, all deadlines were met, communication was great and we would absolutely recommend her services for anyone looking to enhance their online presence.

Tamara G.

Fix My Casablanca Fan

Samantha is amazing.  She took the time to look at our website told us what was wrong and that it could be fixed.  She was so informative and easy to talk with we have decided to turn our website over to her and have it completely updated and add all the bells and whistles.

Becky W.

My son had a website that was very much outdated and originally built in 2006.  He wanted a site where we could upload testimonials and our own photos when we wanted without involving a web site team.  I helped him coordinate all his ideas to Samantha. She was extremely professional and cooperative.  We had a few minor details to work through as it is extremely difficult to communicate an image and vision of what you want without any visuals.  We worked on all this and spent about 3 months in getting it right.  She rebuilt it as some of the features we wanted were not available in the first price point we originally chose.  All in all, the site turned out beautifully and she went above and beyond to cooperate with us to get the final product and image we wanted.   We are extremely happy and will be using her again in the future for other optimization and marketing of our site.

Joseph D.

Sam is awesome. She rebuilt or site, tolerated our ever changing minds, and helped us improve the visibility of our company. She is your BEST choice.

Francesco Thompson

When Sam at Web & Moore told me she could get me on page #1 for my target keywords, I wasn't so confident that she could. But I am here to say I was wrong. Not only did Web & Moore's SEO services get me on the first page of Google for my NATIONAL website (which is way more difficult then local SEO), but my sales have soared 9X times from before I started her services.

I went from averaging $800 in sales per month to now making over $10,XXX per month. This is due to the SEO services that Web & Moore has provided. I am extremely pleased and if you have any questions about her SEO, then ask for my contact information, and I will vouch for them. My business is soaring and there is no end in sight! Thanks Sam!

Kay S.

We're very pleased with the layout and design of our site!  It started a little slowly and I'm grateful for that today.  Sam took the time to understand how we work, who we want to target and what we wanted to accomplish visually.  She added custom content like scrolling logos and adjusted our logo so the layout would 'make sense'.  Our site is quite different from others that she has built in the past and I applaud all that she did to capture what we wanted.  She made edits, content additions and provided feedback quickly.  We would definitely use her service again!

Matt H.

Sam set up a website for my business. She provided superior service and help! This was my first Website and I love it!

Grace F.

Web & Moore developed a commercial website for me with all the "toots and whistles"!  Wonderful job!  She was very patient waiting for material from me, and did a fabulous job! The website is wonderful.... the work that Samantha did was fabulous.  She set the basis for a commercial website.... catalogue, purchase process, etc.  She understood completely what I was looking for, and the concept of the product.  I am very happy with the results, and looking forward to working with her more. Thank you Sam for a fantastic job!

C. Clouthier

Sam is very helpful, and does a great job designing websites. We had a very bad experience with our first web design company and SEO. They designed our website off a software that was not interchangeable. They basically held our website as collateral to keep our monthly fee coming in. Sam came in and let us know exactly what needed to be changed to get our website interchangeable for different marketing companies. She rebuilt the whole website (which would normally have cost us more than we were charged.) She showed compassion for us and the situation we were in with our marketing company and website. She went out of her way to make everything better for us! Check out our new webpage! www.zencoplumbing.com   She does great work and we'd highly recommend her! We plan on doing business with Sam for years to come!!

C. Vernon

Hot tub repair site looks fantastic! Very user friendly. Thank you for all of your hard work Sam @ Web & Moore, Inc. Hot tub repair is glad to be part of the family. We love love love the new site!

J. Caldwell

Samantha built a website from scratch in 10 days. Went well!  She took my vision and nailed it.  Kept me informed on options and dos and don'ts.

Bret N.

Web n More re-designed my business webpage and also designed a postcard that was mailed out last spring.  The combination of these two items generated a large number of calls to my business, and was a major factor in the more than three fold increase in revenue to my business over the past quarter.  I received many comments from my customers regarding the professional design of the website, and the ease at which customers could navigate from tab to tab. The increase in business revenue for my company can definitely be attributed to the work performed by Sam at Web n Moore.  She completed all work in a timely and very professional manner,

Kristen L.

Samantha provided an evaluation of our current need for assistance with our website issues.  Sam responded quickly to an e-mail request for help in determining whether or not her company would be able/willing to assist with a number of website-related problems we are currently experiencing (and there are many and they are complex).  She spent over 40 minutes on the phone with me discussing the issues and providing straight-forward feedback.  Most importantly, she did me the courtesy of being honest about how she and her colleague (who had also reviewed our site and information) interpreted our issues and situation ... she didn't just tell me what she thought we might want to hear in order to get the engagement to do our work.

B. James

I contact Web & Moore and to my delight I was contacted the same afternoon I submitted the request.  The woman I spoke with was very receptive to my thorough explanation and unique needs.  She offered great solutions and explanation of what she could do for us offering a myriad of options to fit any budget.  Having been a business owner with 5 locations in 3 states I've had plenty of experience with Web Designers and Marketers.  Most of which have turned disastrous where I lost money and even control of my own sites and marketing.  So for the past several years I've been reluctant to trust anyone.  We are currently very comfortable and plan to utilize her services sometime this year.  Anyone looking for web design, should certainly contact this company for a free consultation over the phone.  You will be pleasantly surprised.

Neil C.

Castleton Ultrasound

Samantha helped me make some changes on my outdated website. I had no clue what I was doing but Samantha was able to explain to me what she was doing and also what kind of coding was being used on the site. It was very hard for me to even find someone that would take the time to make a few changes to an outdated web system. The price was VERY reasonable and the work was done very quickly!!

Staci D.

Web & Moore built me a shopping cart website for my Patented business concept, so there weren't any "examples" or previous sites like mine to base any features or site construction. She built the site to my specifications, then contributed great suggestions because I'll freely admit that although I think I'm internet & website fluent, I'm NOT. :)  I'm amazed at website builders and how they can stay up to speed on what is available, what is viable, and how to mesh all of that together for clueless people like me!!!! This is the second site I've hired her to do and I'm thrilled! It is so elegant and functional that I'm hiring more help! This will be an amazing business & I'm blessed that Sam caught my vision and captured what I wanted like a true artist.

Sam contributed not only to my amazing site, but also added suggestions that will help my BUSINESS. I feel she is highly professional, generous (to a fault) and business-savvy. She puts her whole heart into helping her customers, and that does take way more time than typical website developers that just act like they're listening to you (while they're probably playing video games instead.) I've built sites for 13 businesses, using plug & play site features. I knew I couldn't even come close to creating what I envisioned for this shopping site. But I can tell you sites I see online are created with templates that "designers" charge a fortune for!
Sam will tell you upfront what you need to budget to get what you want. She'll also tell you what she can and can't do for a given price. Other contractors and businesses (auto repair anyone?) will quote one price, or just say "it won't be much" and then hand you a bill for three times what you expected. Not Sam. She'd rather lose the opportunity to make your site than overcharge for what you expect.

I sometimes feel I don't deserve such GREAT service since my site is a "nobody" right now.... but Sam has been encouraging and gone above and beyond to accomplish what even my own family thinks my business can do. She truly undercharges (I'm gonna regret I said that!) She is up 24 hours at a time, fielding calls and trying to appease customers who either don't know what they want, or want to take out their daily frustrations to a kind voice on the phone. Thank you Samantha!

F. Thompson

Sam at Web & Moore designed me a top of the line and beautiful functioning website for my online business, and is also providing SEO services. When you have a business, it is like a child and you have to be careful who you entrust it to. You need someone that can be counted upon because your business and livelihood depends on it. Web & Moore has been a rock to my business. Sam educated me on many aspects that I should consider in designing my site and so we went ahead with the deal. Boy, am I glad I chose them! Sam is very personable and will be straightforward as to what you need to take it to the next level and then she will over deliver on all promises. We have developed a great relationship and I know that I can fully trust her to handle my online presence which is the life blood of my business. I have also signed on for monthly SEO services with them and so far the results have been great. If you are on the fence about who to have design and program your website, then look no further. Web & Moore can be trusted to over deliver and they are very reasonably priced for the high value they bring. In a nutshell, go with them! You won't regret it!!!

Petie B.

She follows up with me regularly and has been doing my website design & maintenance for one year now. She is patient, professional and never gets upset.  She is fun to talk to and is someone that I definitely trust.  I would love to meet her in person!

Thomas A.

Web & Moore quickly understood the look and feel of what we wanted and translated it into reality. They were easy to work with and responded very well. We have decided to use them on an ongoing basis for the website and related issues. They are highly professional and I highly recommend them.



You and your company have done an outstanding job for my small but very important business of mine.  I can not thank you enough for taking me on as your client and working through my questions and being patient with me.  You have been so generous, have gone out of your way, and have been exceedingly professional.  Thank you so very much.

Vicky V.

I prayed to God to guide me in finding a web designer and boy did I get a wonderful one at Web and Moore. After talking to Samantha (the owner) I felt as though I had found an old lost friend.   Samantha explained to me that to obtain online business and e-commerce expansion proper website design and search engine promotion is the best way to get the advantages. I was speechless because I had no idea of what she was saying. Samantha took the time to be exceptional and explained everything to me. I believe Samantha did a fantastic job on my website (www.Vickyquilts.net). Check it out for yourself.  I love how she made a great first impression. My site is extremely simple to navigate through so all can see what they need with no hassle!!!  I know for a fact, if people can’t find what they're looking for they will give up and leave.  Samantha listened to everything I wanted and I couldn't be happier. I really like her attention to detail. It's also great to have a web designer who can teach me how to change things as I do change my mind often and want new things. Samantha is always prompt!  Never had I imagined the impact of her work. I would highly recommend her because she would be a tremendous asset to your company.

Side note: during the time Samantha was working on my website my husband had become very ill from side effects from cancer. Poor Samantha! I would call her or email her saying I can’t do this or that now because of my husband’s illness. Never once did she give up on me. Her answer was always no concern. I am telling you this girl has a heart of gold. She helped me in so many ways when I was stressed to the max.

Rory M.

Strongly recommend this web design service. They meet and exceed expectations. You can't go wrong with Web & Moore!

Kristian C.

After shopping around with several web designers, Samantha's open and comfortable communication was the deciding factor for me to pick her to design our site (elev8pictures.com). She is very easy to talk to, almost as if we've been friends, despite the fact we're many states away. Every detail that we asked to have improved on our site, she delivered. Despite being tech savvy, I don't have the time or web designing skills to create the awesome site she did for us. Samantha was always patient with us, and even provided some suggestions in improving our design. She added a custom designed layout that was consistent with the feel of our company. The SEO service she provided seems to work, as we've gotten a few random hits for service already. We are very happy with her service, and highly recommend it!

M. Ferri

Astronomical Computing

Things have gone very well! The communication has been great. They have held up their end of the deal completely. I am very satisfied with the quality so far and very happy with their service overall.

Marideth L.

Logo Design

I was very pleased with the quick and thorough responses to my calls and emails. They are very knowledgeable, creative, fun, thoughtful, and flexible. I greatly appreciated the insight shown and the relaxed Q&A session where they helped me develop a plan and gave me several options.  The company's informal/fun but professional tone helped me through the process without getting stressed out. I was very pleased with the results. Thank you!

Don Martin

You have given me something to be proud of. Thanks for all your hard work. It looks good, there is not a thing I would change! 5 years working with that other company and they still could not get it right. I work with you for a week and its perfect! Not only that, she has increased business 200% in the first week of the site being online. I still can't understand how thats possible.  I recommend you give Sam a try. Thanks again!

Andrea Cassidy

I am so thrilled I came across Web & Moore. Samantha seems to truly care about her clients, she isn't greedy. This designer works hard, she offers many options to suite all sorts of clients.
I will continue to use the services of Web & Moore! She put together a beautiful website for me!

Gunter C.

Sam did a great job redesigning my website.  She worked with me through all issues until the website and email service was fully functional again after switching providers.  Sam was very patient in explaining the technical issues to somebody without inside knowledge.  The agreed upon work was completed on time.  I would be happy to recommend Sam to my friends and partners.


Sam created two websites for my client’s business and has actively engaged in web and SEO development for his two businesses ever since, providing excellent guidance and follow-up throughout the past four months. After having tried to contact numerous webmasters/developers on behalf of my client and receiving absolutely no response from a single one of them, I went to Angie’s List, checked out Sam’s website and reviews and was duly impressed by her marketing savvy and her gift for website visual appeal. I urged my client to contact Sam immediately.  At first he was skeptical but Sam carefully collected all the necessary data for the websites and worked for weeks to ensure that the websites met all of my client’s needs, both visually and substantively.  My client was thrilled with the websites and contracted with Sam to perform web development, SEO optimization as well as some social media management on a monthly basis. Sam has offered excellent guidance as to how my client can take advantage of social media opportunities to develop awareness about his business and what it has to offer. Thus far, all of her ideas have paid great dividends insofar as business visibility is concerned.  Sam is very responsive and has answered virtually every e-mail promptly while still helping my client maintain realistic expectations of what is possible in a given time frame. I appreciate how her diligence, insight and talent has enhanced my credibility with my client.  Every time she performs another social media and web development miracle, I get to say “I told you so!”

Edgar G.

Web & Moore made a website from scratch for me. They even designed a logo which we are using on our business cards and as a sign in front. Sam was able to capture the details I wanted in my website.  She made everything easy for me.

Brandy B.

Samantha was very attentive and knowledgable about the different types of software available to meet our budget and functionality requirements. She completed the work in a very timely manner. When we begin facilitating online sales we will be working with her again to open up our current website to do so.

Rebecca C.

Sam was great. I changed my mind several times and even the business and she worked with me on everything!  She is responsive and very talented.  I would recommend her to anyone!

Terence D.

On behalf of EDI, LLC we are very pleased with the promptness, attention to detail, and quality of service Web-&-Moore provided. Our Website looks absolutely phenomenal and functions outstanding with ease of use! The service and end result was worth every penny. I have to say Ms. Sam Moore is wonderful to work with.  She is so professional and goes way beyond the call of service to take care of you until you are completely satisfied. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the professional way you conduct business. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your services. We look forward to doing business with you for years to come.  Thank You!

Staci Daniel

Sam spent time with me asking questions, instead of telling me all about how great she was. Not many computer genius types have enough patience to ask a customer what they are looking for, how they want it to work, the design details, and everything else she asked me about. That was just our first conversation! Sam has a rare ability to translate ideas and goals I told her over the phone into computer code, which produced a gorgeous website. I couldn’t believe it was for my business when I first saw it!! Their level of professionalism and customer service is remarkable. I rarely encounter a business that treats me like I was raised and taught how to treat others. Web & Moore is a stellar company whose creative and technical team consistently rises to the best in professionalism. It’s refreshing to work with them and it’s been fun to have them share my enthusiasm for my business concept!

Tracy Thimons

Samantha was great to work with and delivered a quality website in a timely fashion.  She was honest in that she had never designed a restaurant website before but she was eager to listen to my needs and create an innovative site that I would be easy for me to manage.  She was easy to contact and responded to questions or concerns quickly. She provided a good price and met the timeframe to complete the project and exceeded my expectations for a fresh new website that represents our company well. I would definitely recommend this company to others in need of web design, SEO or advertising requirements.

M. Pope

Web & Moore took over a whole new design process and format so much better than our other previous provider. We are able to showcase and provide color palettes and door styles straight from our vendors for a personal hands on view for our clients when they are contemplating their new remodel. The framework is a very elegant design to portfolio our custom work that we provide for our clients. Any technical aspects and questions we had regarding our new web development were promptly answered addressing every detail to how and when things will be completed. Samantha is very savvy and conscientious entrepreneur who we will have a long term business relationship with going forward. We have had great feed back from our remodeling leads due to our new web design. She went above and beyond our expectations. We would highly highly recommend.

Susan Johnson

Samantha understood the nature of a small single-proprietor business and quoted me a very reasonable price.  She immediately began work on re-designing my website, carefully taking into account a number of issues that I had raised with her.  As things developed along the way, she was totally responsive to making changes, additions, etc.  At the end, she was not totally happy with the result, although I had said I liked it, and she made some significant changes that really made the website pop.  I am so ecstatic with the results!!  This could not have been a better experience.  I’d give her an A+++!

M. Alwazan

The process was ultra smooth. Sam was super reliable and I will surely return in the future. Contact method was easy and seamless. We will continue to work with her and highly recommend.

Van Braun

I can not say enough about our experience w/ Samantha & Web & Moore… So absolutely professional, responsible, and an expert in her field.. This will not be my last working relationship w/ her. We have plenty more ideas for her in the future to help grow our business!! Thank you again for everything Samantha!

Joseph Freed

Samantha designed a site for our company that met our needs. She was up front in her pricing and very fair. We pay monthly for maintenance and she is always a phone call away. She is very prompt with my request as well.

Tony O.

I could not be happier, Samantha is patient and was extremely eager to do the job to my satisfaction. She provided options and opinions but was willing to do whatever we asked. All I can say is she went way above and beyond what most people call service. I would recommend Samantha to anyone without hesitation.

Tim Trussler

Trussler Training

My website that I use for training was down and I had no idea what was going on. Worse, I had a training coming up the next day. The person who had set it up originally was unable to help so I was in a panic. Samantha was courteous, prompt,and effective. She waded through the mess, fixed the problem short-term, tidied up several potential future problems, and had the website up and running in under 24 hours. Additionally, she migrated the website to a better hosting site, and back up all the information to prevent future meltdowns. Her final price of $500 was very reasonable and at no time did she try and up-sell me to anything I didn’t need. I would highly recommend her.

Martha Hook

I started a website with another company that designed it in WordPress but then didn’t do any optimization.  That’s basically like opening up a store in the middle of the desert and expecting people to walk in the front door.  Not going to happen.  So I contacted Samantha to see what she could do and for what price.  She made suggestions such as:  SEO, rewording each page with targeted keywords, making it mobile optimized, improving the social media presence, creating back-links, etc.  What I liked most about Samantha was that she spent the time to explain what was wrong and how it could be fixed in a way that I truly understood.  Most companies I’ve dealt with in the past talk in a different language (tech talk) and then get impatient if you don’t catch on to their jargon.  Web & Moore also cares about increasing the website’s business and that’s what it’s really all about.  After the initial fee, we decided on a mutually agreeable monthly maintenance plan.  So far, so good.

Krish L.

Based on other great reviews on Web & Moore, I decided to contact them. I’m glad I did and the outcome was phenomenal. For the price, the outcome was not expected. Web & Moore exceeded my expectations. Sam is professional, detail oriented and very prompt in delivery. I would recommend Web & Moore to anyone looking to design/create a website or design logos and/or business cards!

Michael Tipping

Designed Invoice for Client

I called Samantha to create invoices for my contractor. She listened, cared, understood, created great designs at a great price. My contractor uses only MS Word for his invoices, just a plain looking invoice, till contacting Samantha from WebnMoore. In the beginning, I showed Samantha from WebnMoore a copy of what I wanted to create for my contractor a Dazzling, Fancy, Stylish, Classy, WOW DESIGN ! Samantha Hit a Home Run and Out of the Park Graphic Designs !!! Sam went Above and Beyond Our Expectations!!! WebnMoore is My ONLY DESIGN CALL I’m making ! I won’t call anyone else for design, websites, app’s development !

Brian Sackowski

Insurance Reservation

Web & Moore when above and beyond finding a solutions to complete my half completed website. Sam found solutions to my outstanding issues, and provided advice on how to improve the flow of the site. She was always responsive to my emails and phone calls. I will use her service again.

Kern Mitchell

Sam was hired to develop and design a professional website for my company, customize my logo and create my business cards.The service provided was simply exceptional. She got my vision and totally exceeded my expectations. I must say that the quality of work I received was great for the price I paid and I will definitely recommend her to anyone in the future.

Jackie Bunch

Facebook Store Creation Client

Web & Moore developed and connected a Facebook page for my website business. It went very very well.  She was very pleasant.  I am a novice with Facebook, she put me at ease and she did what she said she was going to do.  After she set up the page and connected it to my website, she worked with me to help me understand it and be able to be the administrator.  She answered all of my questions and told me to call her if I have any more questions or need help.

Kathyleen Bowden

WaltsFlight Line

The company responded immediately to our request for information and was very informative.  Sue was very helpful and professional and started to work immediately on our website to make it more user friendly and professional looking.  She has worked to build our Facebook and other social media.  So far they have done an excellent job and we look forward to a long and profitable relationship with Web & Moore and highly recommend them for your small business.

Denise Cardona

Samantha is very professional and down to earth- she took the time to listen to my thoughts and ideas of what I would like the site to look like, as when a potential client views my web-site it should entice and interest them. It also is a representation of myself and my services , as that is what potential clients see before they meet me. Samantha also will update my site whenever I need to make a change for a very reasonable monthly fee. She also is connecting my site to Facebook and giving me guidance on other ways I can promote my site to reach more potential clients. I highly recommend Samantha to anyone who is not  web savvy  or does not have the time to update their site and needs that special hand holding from a true professional.

Mark Fenn

Web & Moore created 2 full websites for my company for each of my locations of business. They also designed my logo and several other graphics and marketing materials. She designed and maintains a custom mobile website as well that has been a great feature for my customers. They maintain the websites and are very quick to make updates and changes as requested. Sam is always there to answer my calls and helps me with all my marketing needs. It has been very pleasant working with her and I have been very happy with this company. I highly recommend Web & Moore for any website or marketing needs.

Kevin E.


Allan Karamon

Checkered Flag Carpet Care LLC has been using Web & Moore to create and maintain our website for the past 3 years. When we first started our website, we had no idea what to expect. Samantha met with my wife and I to discuss what Web and Moore can do for our company. From the design set up to the support after the website was up and running, Web and Moore has been a pleasure to work with. When changes need to be made, Web and Moore makes it a priority and usually only takes a day or so for the changes to be live.

Our business has increased from month to month since having our website from Web and Moore. Our customers have commented on how easy is was to navigate and get the information that was needed. I would recommend Web and Moore if you are looking to have a website created and maintained. Give Web and Moore an opportunity to show you the creative thinking and web support your company deserves.

Russ G.

Web & Moore has created a very professional merchandise ordering website,www.detroit5thgenshop.com, for our car club on a very small budget.  Our new website is all inclusive for ordering, payment, and shipping for our club members to purchase car club related products. Samantha put a great deal of her own personal time and expense into designing the website and products, which the members of our car club have been very excited about. We now have a very easy way to order car club related merchandise.

Our overall experience in working with Web & Moore on the website has been outstanding.  The Detroit 5th Gen Camaro Club is very grateful to Samantha at Web & Moore for creating and maintaining this website for us to use.  I highly recommend Web & Moore for your website needs, as our experience from the start to the finished product has far exceeded all of our expectations.

Robert Kelly

Samantha was recommended to me by a friend when we first started our business. I was looking for a way to get our name out and establish a website in order to increase our customer base. From our first initial conversation, she was nothing less than absolutely professional, courteous, meticulous, and made the entire process virtually care free. She was willing to drive from several cities over to meet my staff, tour the facility to get ideas, give me a consultation, and suggest the direction of which the website should go to make the best impact on whoever was seeking our services. After discussing the terms of the very reasonable contract and her willingness to be “on call” whenever changes needed to be made, as well as taking care of maintaining the site, I was sold!

She went right to work on all of the necessary arrangements and construction of the site in a very timely manner and what was presented to me just blew me away! It was, and continues to be better than what I could have thought of. It is a perfect representation of my business and I couldn’t be happier. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a fantastic, well maintained website at a reasonable price. She has a client for life with me.


Web & Moore Design recently completed an entire reworking of 2 of our club’s websites and they are fantastic!  Samantha was extremely professional and responsive and brought our sites up to modern standards incorporating many great new features, graphics, interfaces and improved speed.  She was able to interpret input from many different club members and put together the ‘ultimate’ site by blending many styles of classic and modern while maintaining a link to our “past”.  I can’t say enough good things about the quality of Samantha’s work and her pure professionalism.  She is honest and forthright in her evaluation and will certainly share her wealth of knowledge with clients (including if something won’t look right or present well).  Thanks again Web & Moore for the new & improved www.emcamaro.org AND www.camarosuperfest.com!