Have you seen this before…??


What’s Included?

  • Our website package includes 5 pages of content and each page will include up to 500 words and 3 photos.
  • A slide show for the home page to include 2-3 high resolution images. Please provide images.
  • A contact form that allows online inquiries to be sent to your email.
  • Your website will be designed in one of our small business website templates. We have 20 different skins available.

End Quote.

I come across designers like this numerous times. Don’t limit yourself to “5 pages” and “500 words”, and get a “template skin” thats been used over and over again for site after site. We here at Web & Moore ARE NOT THIS KIND OF COMPANY! We don’t set “limits” on our customers. We work with each customer on an individual basis and personal level. Each and every website we build contains a little bit of our heart and soul. So if you want a dedicated & personable company that cares about your success and understands your business, then give us a call… We aren’t a big corporation that pumps out template sites, with no passion, and no real connection with their customers. When you call, you won’t get some sales person and then be transferred to another, each time. No, when you call, you will talk to ME, the owner, and get my full attention and dedication. Our small team will help create the big results for any of your internet needs.

We are UNIQUE.