Do you actually do your own design work or do you work with a team?

Yes, I am actually completely involved in all of the design work. I have another team member who works with me on certain designs, logos, illustrations, etc. But that’s what makes Web & Moore unique! We are personally involved in each and every project, which makes your experience with us personal. You wont be repeating yourself and talking to a million different people, where your wants and needs get lost among the shuffle, and you feel like nothing more than a number. That’s not us! Our work is our pride and our relationships with our clients are the most important aspects of our business!

What is your average turn-around time from first call to live website for a basic business website?

Our turn around time depends on SEVERAL aspects so its hard to say exactly. We can complete most projects within 2-4 weeks, some may take 4-8 weeks, others 8+ weeks. We have even finished a few rush jobs within 24 hours. That being said, the build time varies based on the size of the website, the software its built in (basic or premium frameworks as well), the time it takes to complete the paperwork and receive all the content for the website from you, and much more. Our goal is to finish most basic business websites within 1 month. It’s also important to consider our current workload as well. Since we are personally involved in every project, it’s a first come first serve basis, and if you contact us during a very busy time, we may have to include some wait time although we do our best to avoid these situations and will warn you if this should be the case.

Do you design from scratch or use pre-made templates?

We like to design from scratch to make each of our website designs custom. We do use certain frameworks depending on the project and customize them based on the clients needs. We also design custom HTML sites if needed (although this route is becoming less popular than CMS based built websites). We like to avoid the use of templates unless specifically requested by the client. Web & Moore is very flexible and we realize that every project and business is unique, thus the software we use will be chosen based on needs, design based on wants, and so on. Please contact us for our software and design recommendations.

Will you supply the original graphics files?

Once paid in full, we will provide graphics files upon request. These include logo files, illustrations and graphics, stock photos, and more. Please note that we will only release stock photos to client if they chose to pay for those photos.

How much do you charge for hosting? What are our hosting options? Will the hosting account be in my name?

Please contact us for hosting charges. We have dedicated servers set up specifically for our clients. Dedicated servers are more secure and faster than shared servers, thus making your website more protected, as well as increasing its overall performance and speed. If you would like to be set up on our servers, please let us know! You will see a huge difference in performance if you choose to do so. If you don’t want to be on one of our dedicated servers, we can help guide you, as well as set up a shared server for you via a third party hosting company. We will make recommendations based on our experience, knowledge, and feedback from clients. It is important to research your hosting choice as it is not the responsibility of Web & Moore if something between you and that company happens, downtime, etc. The account will be set up in your name/business and will be your responsibility to upkeep/renew. For more information on servers, please check out our blog post about Dedicated vs Shared Hosting.

Are your designs tested for multi-browser and cross-platform compatibility?

Yes! We build our websites using responsive designs (so that they respond to each device and best fit to that device). We go through and check the sites using a variety of different browsers (including Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox). We also check our work on both Windows and Mac platforms. Please note that some visuals may look different depending on the user and their browser settings.

What do I need to supply to get started?

First, we will ask you to fill out our “Business Consultation Form”, so we can get to know your business a little bit better. It will also ask you important questions regarding design look/feel, colors wanted, etc. So please be sure to answer these to the best of your ability to minimize edits. If you want to give us design freedom, we will wow you! Depending on the type and function of site, we will also ask you to provide a variety of different things. This can include content (written words for your site/business), pictures, logo files, etc. You can checkout our “Website Content Submission Form” as a guideline to which content might be important for you to include. You know your business best, so it’s important that the content/wording comes from you. We can design and market the site to the best of our ability, but we aren’t authors, nor experts in your specific business. You provide the content, and we will make it look brilliant!

Is this your full time job?

Yes! This is all I do, it is my life. My business is my baby, and my dedication reflects that. This is not something I do extra on the side (it started off that way), but with years of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, I have built this into a “more than” full time venture. Web & Moore gets my 100% focus.

Do you offer only website design?

Nope! We offer a variety of things in addition to website design and development, including logo design, graphic design, print material design, social media creation/management, search engine optimization, internet marketing, content management, hosting, and much more. Please contact us for any project needs!

Do you offer any internet marketing services?

Yes! We offer a variety of marketing services online, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Geo-Targeting, Directory Listings, City Pages, Social Media Management, Marketing Consulting, and much more!

Will you find/supply photos for my site?

We offer a variety of stock photographs for purchase from our library. If you do not see anything that you like, we will purchase additional stock photos of your choosing for your website at an extra cost. All costs will be discussed before purchasing and approved by you first.

Do you do logo designs?

Yes, we do logo designs! We offer anything from a basic text logo design all the way to very intricate and sophisticated designs. You tell us what you want, or you can give us full design freedom. Our premium designs include the original vector source file and we design them in a way so it’s ready for print or embroidery.

Who owns the site design when it’s done?

Once paid in FULL through the contract, the website is then yours. We only ask that you keep our signature on the bottom of the site.

Do you offer maintenance training?

Yes, for certain packages, we offer Quick Training, which includes basic site training. For learning anything in addition to basic site overviews, we DO offer training/consultations for an hourly fee. Please contact us directly for more information!

Can I easily add pages/change content/upload videos/ and update my own website? Or will I always have to talk to the designer?

Yes, we offer a variety of options based on what you need and want out of your website. We can build your website and hand it over 100% to you to update/maintain, AND/OR we offer monthly maintenance plans (at different levels based on frequency), where we help make the updates and manage the site so you can manage your business. We also offer plans that have a little bit of both. We are flexible, so you tell us how involved you want us to be and we will. We use several major software platforms and CMS options and will help guide you to which one best suites your business. WordPress is one of the most popular options and allows its users to easily update their sites as far as text/pictures/videos etc goes. Please contact us for more information.

Do you have 24/7 LIVE technical support?

We do our best to handle emergency matters as quickly and efficiently as possible, however we are a small firm with assigned office hours for support. If an emergency arises, you can email our emergency email service and we will respond as quickly as possible. We are not robots, and don’t have 1000 people working on the phones to answer support questions, so if your looking for that kind of service, we are probably not your best option, but if you want that individual attention and experience, that’s us.

How will we measure results and how do you analyze the traffic on my website?

We offer a couple different options for our SEO clients. If your website is on one of our dedicated servers, you will receive an emailed PDF once a month of the websites AWstats results. We also set up Google Analytics, and grant access to those who request it. You can then log into the analytics account and check out the numbers yourself. SEO takes a lot of time and isn’t an overnight process but we strive hard to produce positive stats results each and every month.