Web & Moore is offering consulting for your website or graphic design needs! If you have questions, we have answers!


Call us with your questions! We are very knowledgeable about the continuously growing and changing online world. Search Engine Optimization can be tricky, so if your wondering what your site is lacking, or need ideas about keywords, we are here for you. Need an idea or two about your design, we can help you through that too. Call or email us about anything and we will help you out in any way we can.

Take advantage of our consulting by filling out our analysis form and getting a very detailed analysis about your website. We will talk to you about what is good and what could be changed. Get valuable tips and tricks about search engine optimization SPECIFIC to your website. Our analysis will tell you what is wrong and what is right about your SEO and the importance of each category, as well as a detailed list of definitions. Whats a 301 redirect, why is it important, and does your website have one? Call us to find out…

Our analysis will also grade your design as well as the ease of navigation through your site. We will let you know if your missing valuable content that might be important in helping you bring more clients to your website.

Do you go to the doctors to check your health on a regular basis? So make sure to come to us so we can check the health of your website and give you the right prescription, unique to YOUR business, to help get it back on track and healthy.